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Busy Little Hands

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms oh my! Silly finger puppets were done "on the fly"!

The childrens' imagination was running wild on Tuesday as they were constructing little pipe-cleaner puppets for their fingers.You wouldn't believe the creations that can be made with these items! We saw everything from spooky monsters, flying dragons, slithery worms and more. I'm sure, given more time, there would have been an even larger array of different characters and creatures for all to admire.

We all know, kids love to create! Many of them are elated to be given just a cardboard box, some crayons and tape. For most, their ideas are very inventive; and I'm sure for some of the children these concepts will be quite useful in their future.

We have some modeling clay for them to play with this Friday, and we're eager to see what their creations might be this time around.

So, go ahead and get the paper, glue and scissors out for them. You just never know what they'll come up with next!


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