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We LOVE Volunteers!

With volunteers we can increase the individual time we give to each child. The children are at the age where they are interested in everything and one-on-one time gives us the chance to help the children and answer their questions.

Our volunteers bring a wide variety of skills and activities to our children. Some volunteers bring craft ideas to do with the children and some just hang out and play games with the children, or help them with homework. Having volunteers at Sanctuary also allows our staff to go offsite to play tennis, go biking, etc. with groups. We have volunteers for special activities like gym night, bike rides, and pottery lab. We always need adult volunteers to just take kids to the park or for walks around town as well. Bring your ideas and talk to Ashley if you are interested.

Volunteers give up their time one day a week for a few hours at a time. We ask for a regular time commitment so that the children can develop a comfort with them.

How you can volunteer

For the Pre-teen Centre we have a vetting process that includes a volunteer application form, interview and police clearance checks. If you are someone who is great with kids, can stay calm in a busy and sometimes noisy environment, (we mentor you in this), and are interested in spending time with some awesome children, please contact the Pre-Teen centre at 250 368-6142 to discuss volunteer opportunities.

We have a continuing need for volunteers to help with our fundraising programs.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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