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Covid - A Child's Perception

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I was curious to know how a child views the covid pandemic. The only honest way I knew how to find some answers would be to ask the kids directly. I think you'll agree, there's no better approach than this.

So when I first engaged the kids in a discussion surrounding this topic, and if it's changed our world either positively or negatively, there was one eight year old girl that piped up right away about how it's helping our ecosystem and planet. Most all of the children agreed with this. Then, more kids than not said they like wearing face masks - "they're kinda cool". Someone said it's good that everyone is washing their hands more. One of the kids mentioned it was nice to spend more time with the other parent (whom lives out of town) when the schools closed down in the spring.

I wasn't surprised that they only came up with a few positives, and bombarded me with a lot of negatives. One little guy said angrily, "I hate everything about it"! I can't say I blame him. Of course for children more rules means less fun. And most anything negative had to do with the new rules that have been implemented.

School is a major part of their lives, and so there were many comments regarding the changes in school. Such as, always having to use hand sanitizer, and then "it dries out your hands". They also don't like not being able to share their things. As one ten year old put it - "kids are taught to share your toys. Now it's, don't share anything!" Someone expressed their dislike of limits on how many can use the bathroom at one time, and having to "hold it in". I agree, this one would be tough. Their fire drills have been affected in how they all head outside to wait it out. They now have to exit the building with their new 'learning groups', which can be confusing for them.

Outside of school, they've encountered a few dislikes as well. I had a little one tell me he was mad their family couldn't go camping this summer because his parents said they might get sick if they camp around other people. Another child mentioned that when shopping with mom and dad she and her brother used to be allowed to wait and look at toys in the toy aisle, now they can't.

These kids, right now, are facing a world where many changes are happening all at once. Their resilience is being tested in ways that most of us, as kids, never had to face. They're strength is admirable.

I'll finish this post with one more quote, from one of the children, that tugged at my heart strings - "When covid's over I'm going to smother my friends with friendship hugs!"


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