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Halloween - A Different Way

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Halloween will be a little different this time around. To trick or treat, or, not to trick or treat? Many parents feel the safest thing is to not have their children go door to door, and for most of those kids, disappointment ensues. And so, it's our mission to create something they can really look forward to.

Every year we do a silly day of fun, games, and crafts for our Halloween party. It's going to be a little more challenging this year because of the social distancing rule. Somehow we need to keep fifteen, or so, sugared up young-ins from getting too close to one another while bopping around excitedly. Whew! I can already feel the mad frenzy!

I'm pretty sure not doing our 'Food Fear Factor' will be a let-down. The kids LOVE trying weird, wacky, and sometimes, yucky tasting food concoctions! We just can't think of how we'd do this one safely.

I'm wondering though if we can somehow get squishy, mushy type foods into individual size containers so that each person has their own mystery box to explore with their hands. Maybe have a challenge to see who guesses the contents correctly. I mean, it's not 'Fear Factor' food tasting, but it still involves creepy food stuff. What curious child wouldn't want to partake??

There's also a game we did last year where the kids poke through a disposable cup covered with tissue wrap to discover a treat, or trick, inside. They'd always rather get the treat! There are around twenty cups glued to a big piece of cardboard, but they can only punch a hole through one of them. They liked this game, and I'm sure it could be done successfully with the safety rules still in place.

As I sit and write I'm having several game ideas pop into my head - like bouncing ping pong eyeballs into cups, and scary bingo! Halloween may look different this year, with it being less "treaty" and more tricky, but there's still lots of fun to be had!


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