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It's A Party!

The kids had a blast at the Halloween party on Friday. We filled their afternoon with games, treats and fun. No boredom or restlessness. Just youngsters bursting with noise and excitement.

Our day started off with the kids munching away on some special Halloween snacks that we'd set out for them. Their patience was being tested as they were having to wait for the second bus to drop off before starting any of the fun that surrounded them.

The excitement rose incredibly once all the children had arrived. It's almost like they wanted to play everything at once! They were really wanting to dive right in to the most squeamish, spookiest of our games, but we directed them to a couple of others to begin with. There was a "ghostly beanbag toss" that became popular very quickly. And the "trick or treat surprise grab" followed suit. They played with these for some time, while a few of the more fearless kids pushed to play our creepiest game "feel the fear".

When it did come time for "feel the fear" not one brave person hesitated to line up. They couldn't wait to get their hands covered with slime and goo from contents of the mystery box. I'm not sure if they were quite prepared for what they were about to touch. We even had a couple quit after the first round. Their little hands went into dishes of noodles and ketchup (guts),wet tortilla and mashed banana (peeling skin), mini marshmallows and salad dressing (ghost poop), raisins and syrup (goblin boogers), and a bowl of flour filled gloves as dead hands. There were even a few more yucky things for them to guess at. They had so much fun with it that we decided to put the dishes out uncovered afterwards for them to muck around with. What other best time for this than Halloween?

The thrill of that last one was subsiding as we introduced them to some "eyeball pong", "spiderweb hopscotch", and "ghoulish charades". Everyone got points for playing and were rewarded with of course, Halloween candy. We had some easy wash, blue hair color for those who wished to look a little on the "wild side", and we were able to give out a few costume accessories.

Without a doubt, everyone had a great time! Sanctuary was full of noisy fun, laughter, and memories. Just as it should be! This is a party that we'll definitely be having every year. You just never know what we'll come up with next!


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